• Sísua Digital —

    Software robots from Finland

    Sísua Digital is a disruptive company specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services in Latin America. It automates the routines of computer based knowledge work, enabling human employees to focus on more productive tasks. Sísua Digital’s team is located in Santiago de Chile. The company was established in the fall 2017.

  • BioA —

    Organic fertilizers

    BioA has developed a groundbreaking technology for producing an organic fertilizer using agricultural and industrial organic side streams. The BioA fertilizer matches the quality of chemical fertilizers and is also price competitive. The global market for organic fertilizers is growing fast and after the next step of building an industrial scale pilot factory in Finland BioA seeks to scale-up the business globally. The company has several patents and pending patent applications.

    BioA is owned by its founders Eera Industrial Development Oy and Cursor Oy.

  • Griffin Refineries —

    Raw materials, fuels and energy from waste

    Griffin Refineries creates value from waste globally. With its refinery concept, the company produces raw materials, fuels and energy from waste.

    Griffin Refineries combines plastic recycling and fuel production through a replicable, scalable and globally adaptable refinery concept.

    The company was founded in February 2016 and it started its life as Eera Waste Refining. The name of the company was changed to Griffin Refineries in September 2017. The owners of Griffin Refineries are Eera Industrial Development, Jorma Eloranta, Esko Aho, Lifeline Ventures, Valve Ventures and Finow.

  • Coolbrook —

    A new technology to crack hydrocarbons of different gases

    Coolbrook is developing a new kind of a technology that replaces the traditional way of producing ethylene and propylene from the raw materials of the petrochemical industry. The Roto Dynamic Reactor (RDR) technology patented by the company improves the yield of ethylene and propylene by over 20%, and is thus a significant improvement for the petrochemical industry that has a value of hundreds of billions of dollars.

    Coolbrook’s next stage is to construct a testing facility to demonstrate the benefits of the new technology for the petrochemical industry. Coolbrook’s partners are Dow Chemicals, NesteJacobs together with Eera and the universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

    The company was founded in 2012 and its owners are the original developers of the technology, besides Eera Industrial Development and external investors.

  • KaukoInternational —

    The cleantech integrator of exports

    Kaukointernational integrates the products and services of technology companies as entities and provides a sales network, local procurement and an after-sales service network in the global market. Kaukointernational is currently active in seven countries: Finland, Poland, Latvia, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan and China. The company represents about a hundred leading companies in technology, whose products it is marketing and selling in the targeted countries. Kaukointernational’s business is divided into three business units: Pulp & Paper, Energy & Process and Medical & Cleantech.

    Kaukomarkkinat Oy (Affiliate of Aspo Oyj) carried out a management buyout in the beginning of 2015, in which it sold its Kauko Industrial business unit to a new company, Kaukointernational Oy which was established for this purpose. The owners of the company are its board of directors and Eera Industrial Development.

  • Norsepower —

    A rotor sail that offers a reduction in fuel consumption

    Norsepower is a Finnish cleantech company in the marine technology sector. In 2014 Norsepower introduced to the market an auxiliary wind propulsion system that maximizes cargo vessels’ fuel efficiency. Originally based on a Finnish invention, the solution provides significant reductions in cargo vessel fuel consumption. In optimal wind conditions, the additional thrust provided by the rotor sail enables operating the main motors with less power than usual, which results in the reduction of fuel input while cruising speed and the required time for the voyage remains the same. The vision of the company is to become a global leader in delivering auxiliary wind propulsion systems for cargo vessels.

    Norsepower was established in March 2012. Besides Eera Industrial Development, companies such as Lifeline Ventures, Finnvera, Valve Ventures and VNT Management account as Norsepower’s investors.