Eera Industrial Development creates new businesses of revolutionary opportunities

Technological or market-based breakthroughs can create needs that may no longer be satisfied with traditional practices. Eera Industrial Development (EID) generates new businesses from disruptive technologies and opportunities.

Too often companies’ revolutionary growth ideas are left without necessary support and resources. Those ideas can get stuck in the middle ground – in other words, become homeless. It is our task to provide the growth ideas a new home.

In practice, this means that if a company possesses a growth idea suitable for the generation of a new business, EID is prepared to use its own resources for refining the idea, and to function as an investor.

EID is a natural extension of the pioneering company Eera

Founded in 1986, Eera Oy is a pioneering company rooted in business management consultancy. Eera’s motto since its inception 30 years ago has been one which emphasises its role as a builder of both business and society. Eera has realised this mission in a variety of ways with diverse clients – together with companies, consortiums, public sector players and ensuing partnership networks.

Eera has, alongside with management consulting over the years, devoted much effort to creating new businesses, both in its own name and supporting start-up enterprises in different industries. The industrial development activity reached a level that gave the prerequisites of the establishment of a new sister company: Eera Industrial Development.

The company is a natural extension of the Eera way of business. Eera focuses on the pioneering of management consulting, while Eera Industrial Development is dedicated to building new paths to growth and business. These two companies solidly support one another’s activities and actively develop new businesses in collaboration.

EID focuses on waste refining on a global scale 

Amongst other fields of business, EID focuses on the commercialisation of the Bridgehead Model for producing raw materials and energy from waste and biomass. Especially outside the OECD area, there is little experience of waste recycling and the utilization of waste for energy production. Hence, the purchasers need a strong support for building the right kind of industrial concept.

The reality of waste recycling in a lot of countries outside the OECD area.